Framing 'Turks':

Representations of Ottomans and Moors in Continental European Literature 1453-1683

ed. Peter Madsen

Nordic Journal of Renaissance Studies
16 • 2019
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Introduction and Table of Contents
Peter Madsen
Introduction: Framing 'Turks' (English summary)
Paula Sutter Fichtner
From Rhetoric to Memory: Islam, Ottomans, and Austrian Historians in the Renaissance (English summary)
Peter Madsen
Stars, Signs, and Tears: Turkish Threats, Politics, and Apocalyptic Historiography in Sebastian Brant (English summary)
Pia Schwarz Lausten
Saracens and Turks in Ariosto's Orlando Furioso: Sheer Imagination or Allusions to Reality? (English summary)
Tue Andersen Nexø
Global Turk: The Muslim as the Familiar Unknown in the Global Epics of the Renaissance (English summary)
Sofie Kluge
Twisted Turquoiseries: Emulation and Critique in Miguel de Cervantes' La gran sultana Catalina de Oviedo (English summary)
Amedeo Di Francesco
Miklós Zrínyi's Hungarian Osmanology (English summary)
Todd Kontje
Turks and Other Germans in the Work of Daniel Casper von Lohenstein (English summary)
Barbara Milewska-Waźbińska
The Attitude towards the Turks in Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth under the Reign of Jan III Sobieski (English summary)


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