Studia Humanitatis:

Essays in Honour of Marianne Pade on the Occasion of her Sixty-Fifth Birthday 8 March 2022

eds. Trine Arlund Hass & Outi Merisalo

Nordic Journal of Renaissance Studies
18 • 2022
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Table of Contents
Giancarlo Abbamonte & Fabio Stok
Sulle orme di Pomponio Leto: Il commento alle Georgiche di Aurelio Lippo Brandolini (English summary)
Lorenzo Amato
"I più dolci di stile che ci sieno": Le Lune o Endimioni di Giovan Battista Strozzi il Giovane: Edizione critica e commento (English summary)
Anders Kirk Borggaard
Dennom til villie som Latinen icke vel kunde forstaa: Translating as an act of confessionalisation in Niels Hanssøn Saxild's Danish translation of Hans Olufsøn Slangerup's In obitum Friderici II Oratio Funebris (English summary)
Julia Haig Gaisser
Poets at the St. Anne Altar: Self-reflection in the Coryciana (English summary)
Peter Gillgren
John III Vasa and Uppsala Cathedral as a Renaissance Mausoleum (English summary)
Paul Gwynne
A Play by Pomponio Leto: Vatican City, Biblioteca Apostolica Vaticana, 7192, fols 297r–298v (English summary)
Annet den Haan
From sedes to solium: Dating the Bible translations of Giannozzo Manetti (1396–1459) (English summary)
James Hankins
How to Avoid a Revolution: Francesco Patrizi of Siena on Stability in Republican Regimes (English summary)
Maria Fabricius Hansen
Fireworks and Allegorical Festival Culture in Sixteenth-Century Italy (English summary)
Trine Arlund Hass & Sine Grove Saxkjær
Pope Julius II and Gaius Julius Caesar: The powerful, pliable past (English summary)
Christine Jeanneret
Invisible Music: Hearing and Listening in the Early Modern World (English summary)
Minna Skafte Jensen
Marin Barleti (c. 1460–after 1512) and the System of Patronage (English summary)
Andrew Laird
Latin letters and an Amerindian vernacular: The creation of Nahuatl literature in early colonial Mexico (English summary)
Marc Laureys
Poetic crisis talks between Constantinople and Rome (English summary)
Outi Merisalo
"Iam nouus in terras alto descendit Olympo Iuppiter": Patronage and propaganda in the time of Leo X (1513–1521) (English summary)
Giovanna Murano
Una miscellanea astrologico-astronomica (English summary)
Susanna Niiranen
"Optime educatus": Book historical perspectives on Prince Sigismund's education in sixteenth-century Sweden (English summary)
Francesca Niutta
Un nuovo codice per Pio II (English summary)
Patricia Osmond
Rescuing the Remains of Sallust's Historiae: From Petrarch to Perotti (English summary)
Johann Ramminger
Towards a Digital Profile of Early Modern Latin: Word frequency and dispersion in some Neo-Latin historiographical texts (English summary)
Bernd Roling
Ignis fatuus: Debatten über das Irrlicht in der lateinischen frühneuzeitlich-protestantischen Universitätskultur (English summary)
Lucia Gualdo Rosa
Lo splendore di una grande capitale dall'età del Boccaccio alla fine del regno (English summary)
Lene Schøsler & Michael Skovgaard-Hansen
"Cum essem monachus, nihil aliud feci, quam quod perdidi tempus, adflixi meam valetudinem" (Martin Luther), "Time is money" (Benjamin Franklin): Investigation du concept TEMPUS (temps) (English summary)
Keith Sidwell
Who translated Lucian for Ercole d'Este (Vatican, Chigi L.VI.215)? (English summary)
Karen Skovgaard-Petersen
"A matter for the history of the human spirit": On C. A. Klotz' assessment of Saxo Grammaticus' history of Denmark in his edition of 1771 (English summary)
Ditlev Tamm
Civis europeus sum: Some thoughts on Latin for lawyers (English summary)
Benjamin Wallura
Hermes' Herb: Homer's moly and Early Modern Iatrophilology (English summary)
Anna Wegener
The child at the mirror: Niels Bredal's Børne Speigel (1568) (English summary)
Peter Zeeberg
The language of the professors: Latin/Danish code-switching around 1600 (English summary)
Lene Østermark-Johansen
The Dream of a German Renaissance: Conrad Celtis, Albrecht Dürer, and Apollo in Walter Pater's "Duke Carl of Rosenmold" (1887) (English summary)


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